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What is Life Coaching?

Traditionally life coaching is a professional client-centered, relationship that is designed to facilitate the creation and development of personal, professional or business goals. A Certified Life Coach can help to develop and carry out a strategy plan for achieving those goals. Examples of some goals are, saving more money, losing weight, improving a skill set, getting a new job, communicating better with others, coping with a divorce etc. Most people who use a life coach have specific goals that they want to achieve. Clients meet with a life coach regularly in order to talk about their goals and work with the coach to figure out what their obstacles are, then (with the coach's assistance) the client makes mini focus goals in order to overcome those obstacles therefore, paving the way for achieving their main goal. In addition, the coach will also help the client to come up with a plan to achieve their goals, track the progress of the client and will motivate the client to stay focused and on task, which helps to stay on track and keeps them moving forward.

In addition to traditional life coaching (mentioned above) R.B.L.C (Ready Bird Life Coaching) also serves non-traditional clients. Non-traditional coaching focuses on broader goals, usually without a time frame or less specific. For example, a non-traditional client may have a goal to let go of emotional baggage that is weighing on them and perhaps causing problems in their daily life or maybe someone who doesn't really know what to do about their current life situation or even where to begin, let alone set a specific goal, like a traditional client would. Sometimes clients just want to talk to someone who will listen to them, not judge them and have a coach that will offer their opinion when asked for. Those are all great examples of non-traditional clients. For these clients, coaching sessions are more relaxed, may include setting mini focus goals as needed/wanted by the client and can be scheduled as little or as much as desired by the client. R.B.L.C provides coaching services to both types of clients.

Everyone should be aware that Life Coaching should in NO way be construed as a form of psychotherapy or counseling, such services should be provided by a licensed professional.


Who does Ready Bird Life Coaching serve?

R.B.L.C is a small, locally owned business based in southern Arizona but serves clients anywhere within the United States via Zoom and other on-line meeting platforms. Coming soon we will offer FREE in person classes along parts of the Oregon coast such as the Coos Bay/North Bend, Florence and Bandon areas.  

How can I benefit from using a Life Coach?

You benefit by achieving your goals. Coaching has been proven to work when you are willing to grow and when there is an obvious gap between where you are and where you want to be, this is the space where the life coach comes in. Whether you are a traditional or non-traditional client, your coach will help you to achieve your goals by providing ideas, support, reflection, feedback and assist in the creation of a clear, concise road map of mini focus goals in order to take the proper steps to achieve your goals. 

Are there any contracts for services provided?

No. Life Coach Camille has a personal calling to simply help people. There is a need in the community for those who could benefit from coaching but cannot afford the big fees, long commitments and contracts. Coaching is a growing industry, with profits for some in the millions! Coach Camille truly wants to help make a difference in the lives of those in need and in her community. Newly dubbed "The Thirty Dollar Coach", Camille offers one on one, private 30 minute coaching sessions via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meets for $30.00 and 1 hour sessions for $50.00.

How does Ready Bird Life Coaching work?

Ready Bird Life Coaching provides three types of coaching services. The first is Traditional Life Coaching which is completely goal orientated, it includes focus goals (mini goals for the client to achieve) in between coaching sessions, there's more accountability on the client’s behalf and it is very structured, which helps clients to achieve specific goals within a certain time frame.


The second type is Non-traditional coaching. This type of coaching is less structured, will include focus goals as needed, but is more for someone who is looking to talk/vent and bounce thoughts and ideas off of the coach and will include the coach’s opinions and feedback on various matters as requested by the client. This coaching option is best for people who prefer to schedule coaching sessions on an as needed basis vs. a regular, structured, coaching appointments, as with the traditional coaching.

The third type is in person FREE group coaching, which is coming soon to Coos Bay and North Bend, OR! We will have free coaching classes on health and wellness, finances, communications skills and more! For more information on upcoming classes click here.


If you are interested in life coaching, the first step is to schedule a free consultation, which is done over the phone by calling (520) 309-0425 or by Zoom which can be booked on this website by clicking here. During the consultation the coach will go over the process of life coaching and ask a few questions in order to make sure that R.B.L.C is right for you.

What are the expectations and standards for the coaching sessions, should I decide to use a Life Coach at R.B.L.C?

The most important expectation is to be respectful during your coaching sessions. If at any time during a coaching session there are threats or if anything that the coach feels is inappropriate takes place, the session will end, and the client forfeits the coaching fee paid for the session and future coaching sessions may be rejected. 


Clients may schedule sessions as needed. R.B.L.C asks that clients log into their sessions on time and if possible, let your coach know in advance if you need to reschedule.


Each session is booked for a very specific 30 or 60 minute block of time, if the client does not log into the scheduled coaching session within the first 10 minutes, the session will be cancelled at that time and the client forfeits the coaching fee paid for the session.


Another important expectation of everyone, is open communication. The coaching relationship is a co-creative relationship of equality, honesty, respect and openness. It is never judgmental or bias and should never feel uncomfortable. A commitment to communication and mutual respect helps to ensure that you and your coach are on the same page thus creating a comfortable experience.


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