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About me

Camille Moore-adams 

Certified Life Coach, CCA

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My name is Camille and I am a CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance) Certified Life Coach, graduated from an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited school. I have an additional designation as Certified Conflict Coach (as of 12/2021). I specialize in communication skills, listening and conflict resolution. 

Ready Bird Life Coaching is more than a life coaching business. It's a personal calling for me as a person and as a certified life coach, to help as many people as I can by offering the tools and skills that I have acquired through schooling and personal life experiences combined. I have learned that many of the people who need the most help, can't afford life coaching. A typical life coach may charge more than $100 per coaching hour, some as much as hundreds of dollars per hour. As a direct result, I have learned that the best way to truly help people is by making it affordable. Since I am most passionate about helping others and not about making the most money, I can offer low in cost coaching sessions but not low in quality of service! I simply want to give back to my community. So, this means that you can receive life coaching for as low as $30 a session. Many people will spend that amount at the local coffee shop or at a fast-food restaurant on a regular basis but for the same cost, you can invest in yourself and achieve a better, happier, healthier life.


In addition to my thirty dollar, online individual coaching sessions, I am currently working on a group coaching program, which will be completely FREE to any adult 18+ in the community with an approved consultation. I believe that all people should share their gifts with others in the world to promote joy and happiness. This is my gift that I have to give, so I will also give it for Free.


I began my journey of wanting to help others many years ago through my own personal trials and tribulations. Early life for me was very painful and lonely. I survived off of very little, many times having nothing. Now don't get me wrong; it wasn't all bad, but unfortunately, I have personally experienced homelessness, starvation and trauma. As a true survivor, I am happy to be alive and well today. After a lot of hard work and commitment, I was eventually able to heal and overcome my past and grow into the woman that I am today; very strong, genuine, loyal and truly a good person to the core. I know just how very important it is to help others, because I personally would have benefitted greatly from it, had it been an available option for me at the time.


Thanks to my own motivation to get my life in order, I found my way. Now, I am a military spouse and have been for nearly 20 years. I have a deep understanding of sacrifice, to include six deployments as a spouse under my belt and counting!! My husband and I have 6 amazing children, 2 beautiful grandsons and a third grandchild on the way! I have more blessings today than I could've ever imagined or hoped for.


As a life coach, I offer a judgement-free, unbiased tour of one’s own undiscovered self. I can assist in helping you to discover more about yourself and the way you think, feel and process life, thus giving you a better understanding of yourself and of the world around you. This will naturally help you to make better decisions and develop a better you. The rewards you will gain from that process, is what will improve your quality of life. Just think about that for a moment. I am here to help and to get you to where you want to be, but you must be willing to do the work to change, in order to grow.


I work together with my clients in a co-creative relationship of equality and mutual respect. I will listen to you, support you and guide you to be better by overcoming your obstacles. By setting small focus goals on a regular basis, you are able to achieve your big goals which require one step at a time. I want to help you dig deep into what is holding you back. At the end of each coaching session, my clients walk away with a “next step” to focus on which will create forward movement, give greater personal awareness, reveal hidden obstacles and a sense of renewed energy in order to get the results that they desire! Many clients feel a sense of relief and calmness, having been able to talk to someone confidentially, without judgment or pressure. Together, we achieve goals, whatever they may be. When my clients succeed, I succeed.


It's a collaborative journey and I hope you will join me for a free consultation to see if Ready Bird Life Coaching is right for you. Thank you.

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